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Has Been Reviewing VPN and Internet Security For Over 17 Yrs  Not employed by any of the Providers We review

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An It Consultant and Internet Security Adviser For over 22yrs 


A Freelance Security Advisor ,who is an expert in Cyber Security

victor garberl

What do you need to know about VPN?
A VPN is a good option for everyone because it is the one way to ensure you have total privacy when online. This is something we should all be guaranteed, but we are, unfortunately not. A VPN, though, is what steps up to deliver that privacy by hiding your IP address.
What does that do? It prevents any site from knowing exactly where you have arrived from. For example, let’s say you are in an area where access to social media is blocked (it could be your workplace, or it could be a country with restrictive policies around the Internet). Either way, the VPN lets you use the site by choosing a server where access is allowed.

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